Technology Platforms and Services

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Technology Platforms and Services

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Technology Platforms and Services

You’ll enjoy this role if you enjoy providing Cloud IT support for a small team of scientific data analysts working on constantly evolving projects, using technologies for scripted provisioning and configuration of resources to ensure reproducibility, while paying attention to issues of security, cost and scalability. You’ll work as a site reliability engineer to make Sage’s AWS infrastructure meet the needs of our researchers, data scientists, and software engineers.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Collaborate with data and software engineering teams to develop tools and methods for self-service, on-demand access to cloud resources within established guardrails, primarily in AWS Cloud.
  • Script the provisioning and configuration of infrastructure using tools like AWS Cloud Formation, Terraform, Chef, Puppet and Sceptre.
  • Peer review of provisioning and configuration code/scripts.
  • Assist with problem resolution for staff and their collaborators.
  • Ensure the team’s work conforms to the policies and procedures of our security program.

We’d love to hear from you if you have:

  • A BS  in Computer Science, IT or equivalent training.
  • 4-8 years experience in provisioning, operations, and management of production AWS environments
  • Knowledge of architectural patterns for using AWS Services
  • Knowledge of AWS Services, such as S3, EC2, AMI, VPC, ALB, Lambda, EKS, KMS, ECS, Batch, Glue, Athena, SageMaker, IAM, KMS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail and Config
  • Experience following IaC (Infrastructure as code) practices
  • Experience with GitHub
  • Strong verbal, written, and organizational skills
  • Self-starter with the ability to multitask and thrive in a fluid environment

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience with continuous integration tools like GitHub Actions and Travis-CI
  • Experience with container orchestration systems (e.g., Kubernetes, Mesos).
  • Experience implementing security practices in cloud environments, experience working in environments subject to regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11.

About Sage Bionetworks 

Sage Bionetworks is a nonprofit biomedical research and technology development organization that was founded in Seattle in 2009. Our focus is to develop and apply open practices to data-driven research for the advancement of human health. Data-driven research has become an important component of biomedicine, but it’s not always easy to understand how to apply computational approaches appropriately or how to interpret their results. Sage believes open practices can help. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers work together to provide researchers access to technology tools and scientific approaches to share data, benchmark methods, and explore collective insights, all backed by Sage’s gold-standard governance protocols and commitment to user-centered design. Sage is supported through a portfolio of competitive research grants, commercial partnerships, and philanthropic contributions.

At Sage Bionetworks, we believe that we can learn more by learning from each other. We develop and apply open practices to data-driven research for the advancement of human health. We are working to establish actionable biomedical observations through the reliable analysis and responsible sharing of representative data. By improving the way scientists collaborate and by increasing the reliability of research, we will improve human health.

Sage embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. We are committed to pay parity and making our salary ranges available to all employees. We invite you to apply and we welcome a conversation. We are based in Seattle, WA, and collaborate broadly throughout the world.

In light of recent concerns of Covid-19, all interviews will be conducted remotely. Sage supports a distributed work environment, and generally provides flexibility to our team members to work on- or off-site.

This is a Professional or Senior level position on our Technical & Engineering career ladder, with a compensation range of $89,735 – $166,892. Actual level and compensation is dependent upon experience.