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Senior Scientist, Computational Biologist – Biomedical Imaging Data

Senior Scientist, Computational Biologist – Biomedical Imaging Data

At Sage Bionetworks, we are working to establish actionable biomedical observations through the reliable analysis and responsible sharing of biomedical data. We believe that by improving the way scientists collaborate and by increasing the reliability of research, we will improve human health. 

Sage Bionetworks is currently recruiting for a senior computational biologist with a background in cancer research. This position presents the opportunity to support cancer research teams that are using imaging assays by increasing their use of systems for validating, visualizing and annotating biomedical images. The position will be responsible for leading interaction with researchers to develop standardized cancer data repositories in collaboration with clinicians, biologists, and computational biologists in academia and industry. The work is inherently collaborative; the position will work closely with scientists and engineers inside Sage and with external researchers.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Provide scientific leadership in the goals and architecture for imaging data services in standardized repositories. 
  • Work with Sage software engineers to develop the Synapse data platform for imaging data needs. 
  • Work with Sage bioinformatics engineers to identify or develop standard pipelines for processing imaging data. Develop data QC routines for standardized data. 
  • Work with Sage bioinformatics analysts to identify and define appropriate data models and schemas for expected data types and for new data types.
  • Work with Sage and DREAM scientists to develop DREAM Challenges, hackathons, and workshops about important questions in biomedical imaging data research.
  • Contribute to conceptualization and support of working groups comprising external researchers that address topics such as image registration. Support analysis on standardized datasets. Contribute to manuscripts describing the outputs of the working groups.
  • Lead and contribute to preparation of grant proposals and statements of work for contracts.
  • Mentor Sage research scientists and interns.

We’d love to hear from you if you have: 

  • A Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, or related quantitative discipline and 3+ years of postdoc or post-graduate experience.
  • Experience working with clinical imaging data including digital pathology, MRI, radiologic imaging.
  • Experience working with high-dimensional molecular imaging data such as CyCIF, multiplex-IF, multiplex-IHC, Codex, MIBI, etc. 
  • A publication record demonstrating work in imaging data analysis for biomedical research.
  • Experience with scientific computing in cloud or HPC environments.
  • Programming skills in Python or R.

In light of recent concerns of Covid-19, all interviews will be conducted remotely, and most positions will be remote through at least June 30, 2021. The option to work on-site at our Seattle office prior to June 30, will be considered upon request.

About Sage Bionetworks

Sage Bionetworks is a nonprofit biomedical research and technology development organization that was founded in Seattle in 2009. Our focus is to develop and apply open practices to data-intensive research for the advancement of human health. Data-driven research has become an important component of biomedicine, but it’s not always easy to understand how to apply computational approaches appropriately or how to interpret their results. Sage believes open practices can help. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers work together to provide researchers access to technology tools and scientific approaches to share data, benchmark methods, and explore collective insights, all backed by Sage’s gold-standard governance protocols and commitment to user-centered design. Sage is supported through a portfolio of competitive research grants, commercial partnerships, and philanthropic contributions.

Sage embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. We are committed to pay parity and making our salary ranges available to all employees. We invite you to apply and we welcome a conversation. We are based in Seattle, WA, and collaborate broadly throughout the world.

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