April 24, 2019

Bridging Privacy Policy with Product Design

Bridging Privacy Policy with Product Design

There is a gap between translating privacy principles and legislation to guide how engineers and designers create the technology products that are used by billion of end users.

  • How might we reimagine meaningful, informed consent for sharing personal data?
  • How does civil society, practitioners, and policymakers frame privacy and privacy through design? What interventions are being implemented across industries, disciplines and practices?

The Harvard Shorenstein Center’s Big Tech & Democracy research group put out a call to experts and practitioners in design, tech, academia, public sector, and consumer advocacy groups to contribute concepts and visuals that illustrate how consumers could regain control over their personal information. A team from Sage – Vanessa Barone, Research Scientist; Woody MacDuffie, Director of Design; Stockard Simon, designer; and Yini Guan, graduate student and design intern – contributed The Privacy Toolkit for Mobile Health Research Studies.