March 3, 2021

Cancer Complexity Knowledge Portal Launched

Cancer Complexity Knowledge Portal Launched

The Cancer Complexity Knowledge Portal has officially launched. Funded by the National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Biology, the portal enables researchers to submit multi-faceted queries related to the latest discoveries, data, tools, methods, and publications from three cancer research communities:

  • Cancer Systems Biology Consortium (CSBC), which aims to address the challenges of complexity in cancer research through a combination of experimental biology and computational modeling, multi-dimensional data analysis and systems engineering.
  • Physical Sciences in Oncology Network (PS-ON), which supports research programs that connect cancer biologists and oncologists with scientists from the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and engineering to address some of the major questions and barriers in cancer research.
  • Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative (TEC), which supports the development and characterization of biomimetic tissue-engineered technologies.

Sage Bionetworks serves as the resource coordinating center for CSBC and PS-ON and developed and maintains the portal.

Sample queries:

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