September 13, 2019

LAUNCH: Privacy Design Toolkit for Mobile Health

LAUNCH: Privacy Design Toolkit for Mobile Health

A screenshot of the home page of the Privacy Toolkit. There's a faded out background image of a handshake between two people. Below the image are icons and text that describe what's in the toolkit.Sage Bionetworks announces our Privacy Design Toolkit for mobile health research. The project was led by Vanessa Barone, a research scientist on the governance team, and Woody MacDuffie, director of design.

This toolkit is aimed at designers who need to represent a privacy policy in an app. But it’s also intended to help nudge developers and designers to do the right thing. The toolkit contains a curated collection of established interface patterns and cases to provide biomedical researchers with clear examples of when and where these patterns should be used in an app.

The tools are available for use in Google Forms, GitHub, and Figma.