June 23, 2016

Sage Bionetworks Announces the Promotion of Lara Mangravite to President

Sage Bionetworks Announces the Promotion of Lara Mangravite to President

larahomeWe are delighted to announce that Stephen Friend has transitioned from his role as President of Sage Bionetworks to Chairman of the Board, and the promotion of Lara Mangravite to President.  As chairman of the Board, Dr. Friend will continue to work with Sage at a strategic level while stepping away from  responsibility for day to day operations. Dr. Friend has accepted a position with Apple Inc. where he will work on health related projects.

Sage Bionetworks launched in 2009 as part of Dr. Friend’s vision to drive open science and fundamentally change the relationship between patients and their doctors.  As stated by Dr. Friend, “Even though it has been exciting to watch a shift in how researchers work together and in how patients track their own disease, most exciting is how well Sage is now positioned to continue this quest to change how research is done and how people manage their health.”

Dr. Mangravite joined Sage in 2010, and was most recently Director of the organization’s Systems Biology research team.   Under Dr. Mangravite’s leadership, Sage has significantly expanded our work in research communities focused on neurological diseases, including the AMP-AD and M2OVE-AD consortiums.  These consortia use an open science approach and a big-data infrastructure to identify new targets related to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

Join us in welcoming Dr. Mangravite in her new role.