An international data-sharing consortium that aims to catalyze the development of precision cancer medicine

AACR Project Genomics Evidence Neoplasia Information Exchange (GENIE) is a multi-phase, multi-year, national and international project that catalyzes precision oncology through the development of a regulatory-grade registry aggregating and linking clinical-grade cancer genomic data with clinical outcomes from tens of thousands of cancer patients treated at participating institutions.

AACR Project GENIE fulfills an unmet need in oncology by providing the statistical power necessary to improve clinical decision-making, particularly in the case of rare cancers and rare variants in common cancers. Additionally, the registry can power novel clinical and translational research.

The GENIE platform was designed to integrate and link clinical-grade cancer genomic data with clinical outcomes data for tens of thousands of cancer patients treated at multiple institutions worldwide. Sage serves as the data hosting and integration hub for Project GENIE and maintains databases on Synapse that host the sample and clinical level information and associated genomic data, including somatic variants, copy-number alterations, and fusion data. To harmonize information across eight large academic centers, Sage developed and deployed detailed data dictionaries, formats, and SOPs describing the workflow streams required of each institution as well as data processing pipelines to validate and harmonize the data.

Data releases take place throughout the year. Visit the Synapse page for the latest releases: