Accelerating Medicine Partnership in Alzheimer’s Disease

AMP-AD is a public private partnership designed to use systems biology to identify novel targets for AD treatment

The Accelerating Medicines Partnership – Alzheimer’s Disease Target Discovery and Preclinical Validation project is aimed at reducing the time between discovery of potential drug targets and the development of new drugs to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease. This project is a component of the broader AMP-AD program, a National Institutes on Aging-led precompetitive, public-private partnership that is managed by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health. The Target Discovery and Preclinical Validation Project brings together six multi-institutional, cross-disciplinary academic teams, four industry partners, and four non-profit organizations. The academic teams, supported by NIA grants, are applying cutting-edge systems and network biology approaches to integrate multidimensional human molecular data (genomic, epigenomic, RNA, proteomic) from more than 2,000 human brains at all stages of Alzheimer’s disease with clinical and pathological data.

The project is focused on the following goals:

  1. Discover novel therapeutic targets for Alzheimer’s disease;
  2. Gain a systems-level understanding of how these novel targets operate within gene, protein, and metabolic networks;
  3. Evaluate the druggability of these novel targets in multiple model organisms.

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