A project to develop methods for assessing cognition via interactions with smartphone keyboards and other passively collected remote sensor data.

The Biaffect team is studying the feasibility of conducting accurate, objective assessment of cognitive function in persons with mood disorders using a novel digital technology (“BiAffect”) that leverages smartphone keyboard-derived typing dynamics and motor kinematics to unobtrusively, securely, and passively monitor cognitive function in a transdiagnostic sample of participants with mood disorders. The core technology of BiAffect is a custom-built smartphone virtual keyboard that replaces the native default keyboard, allowing the collection of real-time data of potential clinical relevance while individuals interact with their device as usual within their natural environment. The BiAffect technology aims to transform personal digital devices into “fitness trackers for the brain”, thereby significantly contributing to precision and personalized medicine for improving brain and mental health, by leveraging rapid advances in digital technologies and data science.