CommonMind Consortium

The CommonMind Consortium (CMC) is a public-private partnership designed to identify underlying pathobiology of neuropsychiatric diseases

The CommonMind Consortium Knowledge Portal is the main distribution site for data and analysis results generated by CommonMind Consortium (CMC) members. Sage Bionetworks initiated the CMC in 2010 as a Public-Private Pre-Competitive partnership that brings together disease area expertise, large scale and well curated brain sample collections, and data management and analysis expertise with a goal to generate and analyze large-scale genomic data from human subjects with neuropsychiatric disease.

A central tenet of this project is that biological insights stemming from integrative genomic analysis are most compelling when they leverage the expertise across multiple disciplines and provide a transparent, reproducible description of analytical process. As such, the consortium has committed to making all data, analytical results, and methodological source code available to the public. The goal of this is to provide the opportunity for researchers to assess the quality of the data and results in order to (1) estimate the likelihood of our biological conclusions and (2) determine the most meaningful way of incorporating these findings into their own research.

To date, the CMC has been funded for data generation and novel analytical approaches. Data has been generated across multiple genomics modalities (RNA and DNA sequencing, genotyping, and histone modifications)across a combination of three brain regions collected from more than 1000 brain samples across four brain cohorts.