Human Tumor Atlas Network (HTAN)

Sage serves as a data coordinating center to manage, curate, and disseminate the data and resources generated through this network

HTAN is a collaborative network that is constructing 3-dimensional atlases of the cellular, morphological, molecular features of human cancers over time. There is a focus by the network on generating atlases representing a diverse cancer patient population and high-risk cancers. Additionally, the atlases being created by the network describe important transitions during cancer, such as the transition of pre-malignant cancers to malignant tumors, the progression to metastatic cancer, the response to cancer treatment, and the development of resistance to treatment.

The Human Tumor Atlas (HTA) Research Centers are focused on understanding the behaviors of advanced cancers in an organ-specific manner. The Pre-Cancer Atlas (PCA) Research Centers are focused on conditions that are likely to become cancer. The HTAN Data Coordinating Center manages the data storage, sharing, and compilation of the atlases constructed by the network.

The HTAN aims to represent a diverse patient population, including minority and underserved patients. Preference was given to pediatric and adult cancers that are highly metastatic, cancers that are promising candidates for immunotherapy or not responsive to immunotherapy, and high-risk hereditary tumors.

The comprehensive human tumor atlases that are being created by HTAN will accelerate the biological understanding of cancer and clinical decisions for the care of cancer patients.