imCORE Network Data Repository

Sage Bionetworks serves as a data coordinating center to manage, curate, and disseminate the data and resources generated through the imCORE Network

imCORE (immunotherapy Centers of Research Excellence) brings together a global network of leading experts in cancer immunotherapy, working together to identify and prioritize the most promising new treatment approaches in cancer immunotherapy.

imCORE members are united by the common goal to accelerate pre-clinical, translational and clinical research in cancer immunotherapy, with the ultimate aim to find a cure for cancer and transform patients’ lives.

With 27 research centers, including Roche, in the network, each was selected for its diverse expertise, ongoing research, advanced technology platforms, and access to patients in the field of cancer immunotherapy. imCORE draws upon this collective expertise, technologies and patients, and utilizes Roche technologies, knowledge of drug discovery and development, and diverse pipeline of molecules.

imCORE’s collaborative model of sharing the expertise, ideas, and technology, coupled with streamlined operations and core laboratories, will enable investigators to aggregate, explore, and share standardized data sooner to inform better therapies for patients. The imCORE Data Repository will support this endeavor through the management and dissemination of standardized data and resources generated across the imCORE network.