MoleMapper uses your smartphone camera to measure and track your moles over time, allowing you to detect potentially harmful changes in your skin.

MoleMapper is a personalized tool to help you map, measure, and monitor the moles on your skin. Using a familiar Maps-like interface, you can measure the size of a mole using the camera and a common reference object like a coin.

Keeping track of the size, shape and color of your moles is the best way to catch potential skin cancers like melanoma in their early stages. Whether you use Mole Mapper to keep track of a single suspicious mole over time or construct a full-body map, we hope this app will make being vigilant about your health a bit more enjoyable.

The initial release of MoleMapper™ (2.0) allowed OHSU and Sage Bionetworks to collaborate on proving the efficacy of using smartphone capabilities as a research tool empowering citizen-supported science. This resulted in a paper published in Nature’s Scientific Data journal titled, The Mole Mapper Study, mobile phone skin imaging and melanoma risk data collected using ResearchKit. In that report, we demonstrated the efficacy of using smart phones to collect data and perform relevant scientific analysis on it.

With the advent of version 3.0 for the iPhone, we are embarking on the next wave of research. We expect to generate more and better data to be used to answer many important questions. The answers to these questions will help us understand both the future capabilities and limitations of using smart phones as potential aids to patients and the medical community seeking to provide quality healthcare.