TREAT-AD’s mission is to address the urgent need for therapies to effectively treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Two Centers, One Mission

The overarching purpose of the TREAT-AD program is to improve, diversify and reinvigorate the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) drug development pipeline by accelerating the characterization and experimental validation of next generation therapeutic targets and integrating the targets into drug discovery campaigns. In addition, this program aims to de-risk potential therapeutics to the point that industry will invest in them, accelerating the delivery of new drugs to AD patients. To this end, the funded Centers will 1) design, develop and disseminate tools that support target enabling packages (TEPs) for the experimental validation of novel, next generation therapeutic targets, including those emanating from the NIA-funded, target discovery programs such as Accelerating Medicines Partnership-Alzheimer’s Disease (AMP-AD), and 2) initiate early stage drug discovery campaigns against the enabled targets. Central to this initiative is the open-access, rapid dissemination of data, methods, and computational and experimental tools generated by the Centers to all qualified researchers for their use in advancing AD drug discovery and AD disease biology.

Sage is part of the Emory-Sage-SGC center. Our mission is to diversify the portfolio of drug targets in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Learn more about TREAT-AD and our collaborators at