Bridge Platform

Bridge Platform

Bridge is a platform that supports researchers in conducting remote, sensor-based data collection in clinical research studies with the goal of gathering real-world evidence and lived experience data. Bridge is composed of HIPAA-compliant web services and multi-language SDKs that facilitate:

  • enrollment and capture informed consent to participate in research
  • design and scheduling of study surveys and interactive sensor-based tasks
  • acquisition and secure transfer of multiple data types (including surveys, sensors, audio, video)
  • participant management and tools for study coordinators to track study registration and adherence
  • the de-identification and storage of study data in our collaborative data science environment, Synapse

Bridge has been in active use since Day 1 of the ResearchKit and ResearchStack frameworks and it facilitates many ongoing and completed research studies.

Researchers wanting assistance with the design or execution of a mobile research study should contact us at Software engineers interested in developing apps using this service should check out our Bridge Developer Portal for documentation, tutorials, and links to code repositories.

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