Synapse Platform

Synapse Platform

Synapse is a set of web services and tools that make it easier for researchers to aggregate, organize, analyze, and share scientific data, code, and insights. From small private teams to large-scale open-science initiatives, Synapse makes research collaborations more productive. The platform is designed according to the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR) principles, and provides HIPAA-compliant security and data governance tools to ensure data is protected and accessible to scientists while respecting patients’ rights

Sage Bionetworks has over a decade of experience using Synapse to build effective research consortia and collaborations that span organizational boundaries and make biomedical research more open and accessible. We use Synapse to support all of our scientific coordination, challenges, and benchmarking projects. It allows us to organize content, establish transparent and reproducible workflows, track collaborative analysis across distributed teams, and broadcast research assets.

We understand research because we are researchers. Adopt the platform yourself, or contact Sage to bring our expertise to your project.

Read this article about Synapse by our CTO Mike Kellen: From Open Systems to Trusted Systems: New Approaches to Data Commons

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