The Tremor assessment is a multi-part activity measuring resting tremor, postural tremor, and kinetic tremor.  All activities are performed by each hand separately while holding the phone. Each activity takes 30 seconds per hand. Resting tremor is performed by the participant sitting in a chair while holding the phone in their lap. Postural tremor is performed by holding the phone outstretched at shoulder level. Kinetic tremor uses an adaptation of the finger to nose test where the participant moves the phone from outstretched to touching their nose repeatedly. Data collected from this assessment includes x,y,z accelerometer readings (at ~100Hz) and rotation rates from the gyroscope.

Validation Status

  • Validated against Parkinson’s Disease severity in 3 cohorts.  Publication in review
  • Validated against Quality of Life and Disability in Multiple Sclerosis.  Publication in preparation.

Example studies that have used the test

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