Wearable Integrations, Passive Data & Survey-Based PROs

Wearable Integrations, Passive Data & Survey-Based PROs

To complement the interactive assessments that can be incorporated into a digital health research study, Sage has used the following data collection modalities:


We have used Fitbit OAuth2 integration in our study apps to connect to Fitbit’s Partner-level API to collect intraday sleep, activity, and heart rate data

Apple Watch

Via the HealthKit API, we have used the Apple Watch (multiple series) in studies to collect data related to cardiovascular endpoints


Multiple of our studies have incorporated aggregated health-related data through the Apple HealthKit API

Passive Gait

Our Passive gait analysis module, implemented on iOS and Android operating systems, are able to collect passive gait data through motion sensing in the background of a participant’s phone during the day.

Life Space

This module utilizes a privacy-protecting analysis of GPS data to measure the displacement of individuals over time.

Survey-based PROs

Serving as a hallmark of many digital health studies, Sage has implemented a system to configure and deploy survey-based PROs to our digital health study apps.

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