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We are in the midst of a digital revolution that is redefining medicine. New ways to gather, store and use health data are developed every day. It is not always clear how to use these new approaches. At Sage Bionetworks, we believe that we can learn more by learning from each other. We partner with researchers, patients, and healthcare innovators to drive collaborative data-driven science to improve health. We advance biomedicine by making science more open, collaborative, and inclusive.

Current at Sage

Sage Bionetworks announces the launch of the Agora platform, an interactive, web-based tool that allows researchers to share and explore curated genomic analyses of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Agora hosts a list of over a hundred nascent drug targets for AD that were nominated by AD researchers as part of the National Institute on Aging’s Accelerating Medicines Partnership- Alzheimer’s Disease (AMP-AD) research program.
Sage Bionetworks announces the Digital Health Catalyst Program, which will be accepting applications for innovative uses of digital health tools in biomedical research. The Digital Health Catalyst Program is a competition available to researchers conducting promising research studies. Winning applicants will receive support from Sage Bionetworks to accelerate the inclusion of digital health technologies into their research programs. First round of applications are due July 31!
UCSF and Sage Bionetworks announce My BP Lab, a research app designed to help study participants track their blood pressure and stress levels using new sensors included on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones. The study, developed collaboratively by UCSF and Sage Bionetworks, marks the groundbreaking use of a smartphone sensor capable of measuring body signals for blood pressure estimation, and is open for enrollment to the general public.
Sage Bionetworks, in a broad partnership led by OHSU, has been awarded the new CTSA Program National Center for Data to Health (CD2H). This award will coalesce and coordinate informatics activities across the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program, a network of more than 50 medical research institutions, to provide collaborative clinical and translational research infrastructure.

Current News

15 June 2018

New Research Tools Available in the Search for Therapies for Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) – A collaboration of the Neurofibromatosis Therapy Acceleration Program (NTAP), together with Sage Bionetworks, Johns Hopkins, NCATS and the University of Florida. Read the full article in Scientific Data (June 12, 2018).   Press release by Cathy Gara | published by NTAP Plexiform […]

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13 June 2018

Study Shows that Drug Combination Therapies Effective in Treating Schwannomas and Meningiomas   The Synodos for NF2 consortium of the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) today published its first set of results and released its second set of data in the leading scientific journal PLOS ONE. Learn more on the Children’s Tumor Foundation website or read the full […]

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5 April 2018

Cancer Research Institute iAtlas Poised to Improve Patient Outcomes by Providing Researchers Greater Access to Genomics Data The Cancer Research Institute (CRI), Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) and Sage Bionetworks – three organizations on the forefront of cancer immunotherapy, systems biology and bioinformatics –  today announced the release of the Cancer Research Institute iAtlas, a comprehensive […]

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