MC² Center

A coordinating center that acts as the “glue” to connect people, to share and harmonize data and models, and to develop robust tools to address the full spectrum of cancer research needs. The center focuses on community engagement, multidisciplinary collaboration and resource discovery to promote the growth of a strong, stable and diverse cancer research community.

Launch MC² Center

The Multi-Consortia Coordinating (MC²) Center is supported by the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Division of Cancer Biology. The center supports an impactful research community across 6 research consortia:

  • Cancer Systems Biology Consortium (CSBC)
  • Physical Sciences – Oncology Network (PS-ON)
  • Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative (TEC)
  • Metastasis Research Network (MetNet)
  • Patient-Derived Models of Cancer (PDMC) Program
  • Cellular Cancer Biology Imaging Research (CCBIR)

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