Better Science Together

With big data, complex algorithms, and personalized health monitoring, technology has revolutionized the life sciences. But how do we translate these insights into actions? At Sage Bionetworks, we believe that modern science is a team sport. We help research communities develop reliable outcomes to advance our understanding of human health and to speed the translation of science into medicine.

What We Do

Responsible Data Sharing

Sage supports research collaborations by overseeing data coordination, visualization, and analytics across distributed teams. We manage grant- or project-based research consortia to share, evaluate and distribute data, methods, and insights.
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Benchmarking Reliable Methods

Because we are all susceptible to the self-assessment bias, Sage has developed tools that help researchers to objectively benchmark the performance of computational methods, and to disseminate community-verified methods.
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Understand Real-World Evidence

Sage works with participants and researchers to understand how real-world environments impact our individual experience of health and disease.
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Our Tools & Resources


A suite of web services and tools that make it easier for researchers to aggregate, organize, analyze, and share scientific data, code, and insights.

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A platform for conducting biomedical research studies primarily using the ResearchKit (iOS) and ResearchStack (Android) frameworks.

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An open-science, collaborative competition framework for evaluating and comparing computational algorithms.

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Resources and policies including novel approaches to informed consent, clinical protocols, and data access.

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