Our cloud-based data platform, Synapse, provides users with a state-of-the-art toolkit for secure data storage, ethical sharing, open collaboration and research communication. Built by researchers, for researchers.

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Synapse is a suite of web services that enables researchers to aggregate, organize, analyze and share their scientific data, code and insights.

Designed specifically with FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles in mind, Synapse also provides HIPAA-compliant governance controls, ensuring that data can be shared ethically and responsibly while safeguarding patient privacy.


The technology integrates seamlessly into existing workflows so that data can be openly accessed, queried and transformed.

Synapse leverages public platforms and tools, including cloud storage and compute, data repositories, data visualization tools, and analytical clients.


Synapse “teams” enable scientists to initiate and manage productive collaborations, while the platform’s Wiki services afford content embedding and provenance records to effectively communicate research findings.

From small teams through to large-scale initiatives, Synapse powers multidisciplinary communities to exchange data, formulate new ideas and collectively advance groundbreaking discoveries.


Basic Plan

Designed for researchers to share and reference open-access datasets in published studies.

Free data hosting (up to 100GB) and the ability to mint a DOI.

Self-Managed Plan

Tailored to investigators submitting NIH data management and sharing (DMS) plans, involving medium/large-scale datasets.

Proactive DMS planning assistance, in-depth provenance tracking and meticulous governance support to ensure ethical, responsible sharing.

Data Coordination Plan

Fully managed project set-up, access and documentation for multi-center research consortia.

Unlimited data allowance and end-to-end project support, with a unique portal interface and customized governance controls.