Support a Data Challenge

Public contests, or “challenges,” invite citizen scientists to submit winning algorithms that can benchmark datasets and solve major biomedical problems.

Sage Bionetworks, in collaboration with DREAM Challenges, has organized over 60 challenges involving 30,000 multi-disciplinary solvers across the globe. The solutions have resulted in more than 100 journal publications and have led to several FDA-approved clinical technologies.

How it works:

Pose a question - where solutions can have a high impact on human health.

Prepare data - the organizing team addresses a question, determines ways to evaluate the solution, and the appropriate data to be used.

Engage solvers - anyone with a computer and internet access can participate; teams submit solutions to a leader board, where they’re scored and ranked on performance.

Evaluate models - final solutions are evaluated and ranked by organizers, identifying methods that solve the challenge and provide novel insights.

Share results - disseminate data, insights and solutions through academic publications, and allow researchers to continue to iterate on solutions.

To sponsor a challenge with Sage Bionetworks, or have us organize a challenge for you, contact us at